Provides quality health care for all age groups through two medical practices based in Whanganui and Waverley as well as providing a number of other services that aim to provide healthy lifestyle options for whānau and community.


Medical Centre: Te Waipuna offers a whānau friendly centre located in both City Whanganui and Waverley.  We offer a full range of medicine and general practice services. Our experienced team of doctors, nurses and administrative staff work hard to provide a caring health and medical service to all our patients.

Community Nurses: Te Oranganui has an experienced team of community based nurses who specialize in:

  • Before school hearing and vision checks

  • Rural Services

  • Long Term Conditions

Our Hearing and Vision Technician provides screening for 4 year olds in Kōhanga Reo.  

In our community we have a Long term Conditions Nurse providing case management of patients with complex social and long term medical conditions.   




Traditional Rongoa Māori: Te Oranganui is now home to Traditional Rongoa Māori services which operates from the Te Oranganui campus on Campbell Street.  This is a free service available to all registered and non-registered clients of Te Oranganui.

Health and Wellbeing: Health Improvement Practitioner & Health Coaches are based within the Clinic, providing one on one or group support to any patients in distress; providing a holistic approach to improving the mental wellbeing of whanau.

Quit Smoking: Ngā Taura Tūhono - Regional Stop Smoking Service.  This service provides support to whānau across the Whanganui, Waimarino and Rangitīikei regions.  We offer safe and effective treatment options, support for pregnant women, free patches, gum and lozenges as well as advice and referrals to other prescription only medication.

Te Kaiwhakakaha.jpg

Te Kaiwhakakaha: Te Kaiwhakakaha is a program specialising in promoting healthy living through physical activity and good nutrition.  The priority is supporting sedentary whānau whose lifestyle puts at risk theirs and their whānau health and wellbeing.  The team provide a Whānau Ora approach so we are not dealing with symptoms in isolation but rather providing a holistic approach to whānau wellbeing. Kaimahi provide one on one support to these whānau from pēpē to kaumātua.

For more information or to register with this services, please call our Medical Centre on 06 349 0037