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Our Waiora Whānau Team offers support for Rangatahi Innovation, Suicide Prevention and is also the home of the He Oranga Whānau - Healthy Families Whanganui Rangitīkei Ruapehu Team who provide a whole of community approach, making changes to the systems that influence the health and well-being of individuals, whānau, hapū, iwi and communities.

Rangatahi Innovation Hub

The Rangatahi Innovation Hub connects rangatahi with opportunities, pathways and tools to help develop their full potential as well as support them on their journey towards achieving their dreams and aspirations.

Matauranga Māori concepts that derive from Te Awa Tupua are integral to the success of this programme and the interaction of rangatahi within the hub.  Led by an energetic young team of Rangatahi Whānau Practitioners, the Rangatahi Innovation Hub provides a safe place for rangatahi to grow and develop.















The new approach will involve moving towards a community wide response and will require multi level and systemic change. This involves gathering community voice by way of workshops peer to peer interviews, in depth interviewing, surveys and participating at several events. There will be opportunities for community feedback on data that will be collected through this process to also start developing the Action Plan. Please feel free to ring us at any time to have a korero or share some of your experiences.

He Oranga Whānau - Healthy Families Whanganui Rangitīkei Ruapehu

He Oranga Whānau brings community leadership together with community-led action to create healthier environments where we all live, learn, work and play in a united effort for better health. 

He Oranga Whānau initiative works to:

  • Improve people’s health where they live, learn, work and play by taking a systems approach to the reduction of risk factors for major health loss and inequity.

  • Provide local solutions and local leadership to drive sustainable change that is owned by community – not delivered to community.

  • Accelerates and mobilises action alongside key influencers and change agents from a variety of sectors (including local government, iwi, pacific, sports and recreation, business and health).


To find out more about He Oranga Whānau – Healthy Families Whanganui Rangitīkei Ruapehu, head on over to their website www.healthyfamilieswrr.org.nz or give them a follow on their facebook and instagram pages. 

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Suicide Prevention Project

Sponsored by the Whanganui District Health Board and in partnership with Healthy Families Whanganui Rangitikei Ruapehu, the Suicide Prevention Project has been established to create a multi-level, community wide systematic response to Suicide Prevention within the Whanganui District Health Board rohe with a strong focus on equity.

Partnership with the Healthy Families Whanganui Rangitikei Ruapehu team is key to drive and design and implementation of the Whanganui Districts Suicide Prevention Strategy.