(Whānau & Community)

 Delivering a quality service to whānau who require support and assistance to lead healthy lifestyles, participate fully in society and to ensure economically secure and successful lives by developing pathways to independence. 

Whānau Ora

Te Oranganui’s Whānau Ora program empowers whānau to realise and achieve their full potential.   Our Whānau Ora kaimahi will work with you to help identify your needs and assist you to develop support plans towards achieving your dreams and aspirations.  Whānau Ora works to improve experiences when accessing services and walks alongside whānau as they make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing. 


Our holistic approach to wellbeing, which means taking into account the overall wellbeing of the whānau in the following areas;

  • Oranga - Health

  • Mātauranga - Education / Knowledge 

  • Whanaungatanga - Socialisation

  • Mahi - Employment

  • Wairuatanga - Beliefs

  • Te Ao Māori – Cultural


The Whānau Ora programme covers the Whanganui River, Ngā Rauru and Whanganui region.  We cater for all whānau from pēpē to kaumātua.   

Kainga Whānau Ora

Kainga Whānau Ora is a Collective Impact initiative which focuses on whānau living in social housing by following 4 key high-level outcome areas for the initiative:

  • All whānau live in structurally safe, warm, dry homes within flourishing communities

  • Provide pathways to education, training and employment opportunities in order for whānau to be able to make informed decisions regarding housing, but more broadly to other areas of their lives; and

  • Support whānau to live in safe and loving relationships that are free from violence.

  • Partner organisation system change (policy and legislation).


Tapestry of Truth.jpg

Tapestry of Truth

The Tapestry of Truth program has been co-designed by rangatahi who are on the verge of social and educational exclusion.  The program is facilitated by dedicated Rangatahi Kaiārahi who provide specialised support and mentoring to rangatahi aged 12 to 24 years as well as providing a whānau centric approach to the health and wellbeing of rangatahi. 

A regionally recognised program, the Tapestry of Truth has provided safe, positive atmosphere for rangatahi to learn and develop pathways that will allow them to confidently lead healthy lives and eventually become self-managing and empowering leaders.