(Business Unit)

 As the public interface and first point of contact for many who visit Te Oranganui, Te Taituarā works together to ensure the needs of our whānau, business stakeholders, and manuhiri are met, kaimahi requests are actioned and the cogs of the organisation continue to turn.

Te Taituarā is the business unit of Te Oranganui and is the one service that supports all other Te Oranganui services internally from a back office perspective.  Te Taituarā is the backbone of the organisation and consists of finance, people, communication and business administration support personnel who have the skill and expertise to ensure the smooth running of Te Oranganui so the front-line staff are able to service the community in the professional manner that they do.

Te Taituarā also provides necessary support to Te Kei o te Oranganui to achieve the strategic objectives.  Led by Kaihautū; Renee Bradley, the team work in sync together to ensure the smooth sailing of Te Oranganui.


Outdoors Team 1.png

L to R: Arareina Davis (Kaitūruki Whakapā), Taylor-Dayne Cashell (Kaitūruki Taioro Tangata), Ashleigh Kidd (Kaipaneke Taituarā), Renee Bradley (Kaihautū Taituarā), Amiria Beamsley (Kaipaneke Taioro Tangata), Regina Alifi (Kaitūruki Taituarā), Aromea Tamou (Kaipaneke Kete Pīpī).