A service to help nurture and support whānau in the development and growth of tamariki and mokopuna whilst ensuring their wellbeing and happiness.

Family Start is an free intensive home visiting programme which is focused on improving tamariki growth and health, learning and relationships, family circumstance, environment and safety.  The programme is available to tamariki aged

0-3 years and their whānau and delivers a Whānau Ora approach by including the whānau as part of the tamariki paradigm.

Tamariki Ora/Well Child is a free service provided by the Ministry of Health for all tamariki from birth to 5 years. Tamariki Ora supports whānau to protect and improve the health of your tamaiti , so they can grow and develop to their full potential.

Our Tamariki Ora nurses can either come to your home or invite

you to our campus with each visit with your tamaiti covering:

  • child growth development

  • family health and wellbeing

  • immunisation information

  • oral health (teeth and gums) checks

  • early childhood education

  • vision (sight) and hearing

  • health and development checks for learning well at school

He Puna Ora is a new model of service delivery developed to support hapū māmā, and/or whānau with pepi/tamariki who have significant issues with alcohol and other drugs, and whom health and social support services are only able to support in a limited manner.

For more information about He Puna Ora, download the brochure.


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