Te Oranganui kaimahi receive their first COVID-19 vaccines

Te Oranganui kaimahi have lined up and received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination as a part of the national rollout plan group 2; frontline healthcare workers and Māori kaumātua and the whānau who care for them. With the support of the Whanganui District Health Board and the Whanganui Regional Health Network who provided the staff to vaccinate our kaimahi at Rangahaua Marae on Wednesday 21st April, our Te Oranganui vaccinators were some of the first in line for their vaccinations alongside other frontline kaimahi.

The initial response from a number of our kaimahi was clouded with uncertainty and skepticism for the COVID-19 vaccination. Figures from a recent kaimahi survey showed that the majority of our kaimahi were either against having the vaccine or uncertain of whether they would have one just yet with the greatest reason being “there’s not enough information”.

With this statement in mind, the Senior Management Team and the Te Ranga Tupua communications group decided the best way forward, not only for kaimahi but also for our whānau and community was to create clear resources with information relating to the COVID-19 vaccinations. The goal was to better inform whānau and the community about how the vaccine works and to also help debunk the myths and misconceptions that so many have created on social media. This concept worked and has been adopted by others within the community.

Te Oranganui went further and have developed a COVID-19 Information booklet which will be provided to whānau, hapū, and iwi as well as our community as a trusted COVID-19 vaccination resource.

All resources are easily available to the public via the Te Oranganui website.

“Initially we had less than 20 kaimahi booked in for their vaccination however on the day we had kaimahi arrive at Rangahaua Marae asking if there were any spare appointments,” says the Te Waipuna Health Manager Jamie Procter. The influx of kaimahi increased as the day progressed. “We ended up vaccinating 52 kaimahi and have already received a positive response from those kaimahi who missed out, they have already made their appointment for the next round (of vaccinations). Kaimahi have been really awesome in supporting each other to be vaccinated”.

If you are unsure about whether to have a COVID-19 vaccination or require more information, simply head to the COVID-19 Vaccination Information page on our website which also has links to the Ministry of Health, Unite against COVID-19, and the Immunisation Advisory websites.

Remember, it is our individual responsibility to access information relating to the COVID-19 vaccine from trusted and accurate sources and Te Oranganui is one of those trusted sources.

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