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Doing this together, the Kaumatua Kaunihera in Whanganui hosting the COVID-19 vaccination team.

31 May 2021

Media Release

Today marks week three of the COVID-19 vaccination roll-out for Te Oranganui and there has been an increasing interest in the uptake of people wanting to have this vaccine. Te Oranganui patients and their whānau are continuing to make informed choices for themselves as well as protecting their whānau who are unable to be vaccinated.

A few weeks ago, Te Kaunihera Kaumatua o Whanganui heard first-hand what was install for them if they choose to have the vaccination and today they shared in a morning tea for Pink Shirt day before being vaccinated. The Kaunihera, have been planning this event for some time to hear from local experts about the prevention of Cervical, Breast, and Bowel Cancer. “It just made sense to also host this COVID-19 clinic alongside those kaimahi who share the building at Te Taurawhiri, given we are all here trying to do our best to protect our whānau, hapū, and future generations,” said Te Urumanao Melva Gardiner.

Karaanga Morgan noted “What was also special was the fact we have an amazing team of supporters who back us for any kaupapa, so this is us being responsive to the call and in encouraging others to back them and each other, what better way can you do that but to help lead out the Māori COVID-19 Vaccination Strategy ’.

The vaccination programme continues for Group 3 with a target of 54,000 needing to be vaccinated within the region by the end of 2021.

Group 3 comprises:

  • those aged 65 or over;

  • those who have a relevant underlying health condition;

  • Māori and Pasifika aged 50 and over;

  • the disabled;

  • and the whānau who live with any of the above.

A reminder to whānau, that it is important you book an appointment to ensure the trained clinicians have the correct number of vaccines and it also minimises the wait time.

Finally, it is important to know that protection from COVID-19 will get another boost this week with more facilities opening in Whanganui and more regional clinics continuing to provide opportunities out in the Rohe.

Key contact details Group 3 have two choices and are invited to book an appointment with:

  • Te Oranganui Trust

Call 0800 202 004


  • Whanganui District Health Board

Call 0800 888 479



For further media, comment contact Renee Bradley 06 34 90007.

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