Moko Waiora

'Enduring Legacy'

Moko Waiora

Honours the original Te Oranganui tohu whilst  recognising a new chapter that acknowledges the evolution of Te Oranganui, evidenced by whānau transformation for the past 27 years.


Moko Waiora or ‘Enduring Legacy’ professes that we are striving for more than hauora, we are striving for waiora; when everything in our body flows like wai, and our four dimensions of wellness never diminish.


Comes from Rūaumoko from that we have “moko” (female essence imprint) Mokopuna (creates legacy) it is the im- print from a source of legacy and this is forever present.


The essence of waiora is represented in the white line that runs through the middle of the design

Place your cursor over the image of Moko Waiora below to learn more about its meaning (Desktop view only)

Te Oranganui

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