Te Oranganui Trust Inc. was formed in 1993 after the need for a health organisation “for Māori by Māori” was identified. The Tauihu was constituted in 1993 with the original make up of members consisting of one member from each of the following tribal groups, hapū or body:

  • Ngā Rauru Kitahi

  • Ngā Wairiki – Ngāti Apa

  • Tamaupoko

  • Hinengākau

  • Tupoho

  • Ōtaihape

  • Whanganui River Māori Trust Board

  • Whanganui Regional Development Board Trust

  • Two Tauihu appointed co-opted members

The table below gives a brief overview of significant milestones in the history of Te Oranganui Trust Inc..

Establishment of Te Korimako Community Health Service


Contract with Manawatu Whanganui Area Health Board for Liaison, Advocacy, Referral and whānau support services.  Contract currently being funded by Good Health Whanganui


Amalgamation of Te Korimako and Te Waipuna o te Awa resulting in establishment of Te Oranganui Trust Inc.



Te Korimako became the first tangata whenua provider in Aotearoa to secure funding for primary community health services by an Area Health Board


Establishment of Te Waipuna O Te Awa to provide community health services for the Whanganui Iwi

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