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Te Aroha McDonnell | Te Pouherenga

E kii anei te kōrero, Tamaupoko ki uta, Tamaupoko ki tai.  He uri tēnei nō Te Awa Tupua o Whanganui, ko au te awa, ko te awa ko au.


I’m especially proud and it’s been my privilege to serve as a member of the Board of Te Oranganui since 2012, supported by Te Runanga o Tamaupoko.  I was elected as the Pouherenga (Chairperson) of the Board at the end of 2017. 

For almost 30 years Te Oranganui has delivered and supported our whanau with health service delivery and more recently as the whanau ora lead agent for our rohe.  Just as the past was secure for our whanau in the direction of Te Oranganui, growth is imminent for our organisation and Te Oranganui will continue to evolve for generations to come.

The whakatauki “Korowaitia te puna waiora hei oranga motuhake mō te iwi” is prevalent now and will remain relevant moving towards an exciting future.  


Ko te Awa te mātāpuna o te ora,

E rere kau mai te Awa nui. Mai i te Kahui Maunga ki Tangaroa

 Ko au te Awa ko te Awa ko au

Ngā manga iti, ngā manga nui e honohono kau ana, ka tupu hei Awa Tupua.

Alaina has been a self employed Business Owner and Company Director for 26 Years.  In addition she has also had Ministerial Appointments which included the Whanganui Community Foundation and NZ Small Business Development Group.  Previous Governance Experience includes Te Mana Atatu Maori Business Network, Caltex Retailers Association, Challenge Petroleum Dealer Group, Whanganui Women’s Refuge.

Current appointment include:

  •  Iwi appointment on Ngā Tāngata Tiaki o Whanganui Post Settlement Trust.

  • Chairperson of Koriniti Marae Māori Reservation Trust.

  • Director WRHN Primary Health Board and Gonville Health Board. 

Alaina hopes to utilise her skills and experience to improve the position of the Board. This will allow the organisation to improve the well-being of Te Ao Maori.

Alaina Teki-Clark


Pahia Turia is from the Ngā Wairiki, Ngāti Apa, Whanganui and Ngā Rauru whakapapa. He has been involved in Māori community development in the areas of health, justice, education and social housing for a number of years. Pahia holds a number of directorships on boards throughout the country.

He and his wife Njela own local businesses and have a keen interest in residential and commercial property.

Pahia has four tamariki and four mokopuna

Pahia Turia


Is from Kauangaroa, Nga Wairiki/Ngati Apa. She has worked for 25 years in the  health research and tertiary education sector. She has two children, nine mokopuna and raises the eldest. Has worked to change outcomes for Maori in the health, environment, justice, education and research sectors. Loves her whanau and Iwi, done lots there too. 

Cheryl Smith


I am privileged to be continually guided and supported by my Ngaa Rauru Kiitahi, Te Atihaunui-a-Pāpārangi, Tuwharetoa, Ngāti Apa and many other tupuna. I remain humbled and honoured to be allowed to work intuitively with those who come to me.

I spent a number of years working with the Māori Land Court as part of my 20+ years experience in the Public Service ending that part of my career managing a corporate services team in a Crown owned company.

I believe I need to add value to every group or cause I am associated with and it is satisfying to be able to use my knowledge, skills and experience for the wellbeing, growth and development of my people.

Mary Bennett


Hails from Nga Rauru Kitahi...

Neihana Pari


Te Ati Haunui a Paparangi, Ngā Rauru Kītahi, Ngāti Maniapoto

Shar is one of the Tupoho representatives for Te Oranganui Trust  and has held several governance roles both in mainstream,  iwi organisations and education.  Shar is committed to whānau. She works with iwi and hapu at a flaxroots level and previously worked with organisations to develop capability, identify risks, quality improvements and create possibilities for development. She is experienced in health systems, contracts, business and leadership and management.

Shar qualified as a Registered Nurse and is a nursing lecturer at Whanganui UCOL, married with 2 children and lives in Whanganui.

Sharlene Tapa-Mosen


Paraninihi ki Waitotara

Waitotara ki Taipake

Taipake ki Piraunui

Piraunui ki Matemateonga

Matemateonga ki Te Awa o Whanganui

Te Awa o Whanganui ki Te Kahui Maunga

Whakawhiti mai ra ngā Awa o Mangawhero me Whangaehu

Ānei ngā rohe o ōku tupuna.


I aspire to improve the well-being of my people, my land and my awa. In gaining this position, I foresee that my Rangahaurunga entrust in me as a new and upcoming Rangatakapū to share and grow theirs and my own visions as kaitiaki of our Iwi and community of Whanganui. For a number of years, I have been engaged in numerous hui across our three Iwi of Ngaa Rauru, Whanganui and Ngā Wairiki-Ngāi Apa including Hapū and Marae hui, Land Settlement Negotiations, Iwi development and various other kaupapa throughout these districts. We of Whanganui are river people who relish in her many resources from offering a place of peace and tranquility, to fun activities and physical pursuits, to providing a source of numerous kai and rongoa. I look forward to holding that responsibility and revitalising our tikanga through this forum.

I am a very passionate mokopuna of Te Awanuiarua who appreciates the mahi that contributes to the protection and rejuvenation of our People. As a Rangatakapū and younger generation of the Awa, I bring forward fresh and up-to-date ideas of improvement of our Iwi processes and development as well as maintaining the preservation of our Mana Tupuna before us, especially the visions as set out by the likes of my Pou Koroheke – Professor Morvin Te Anatipa Simon, Tā Atawhai Taiaroa, John Tahuparae, Matiu Mareikura, Jim Takarangi and my Pou Kuia – Ruiha Jackson, Noti Takarangi-Firmin, Dardanelle Metekingi, Julie Ranginui, Te Manawanui Pauro and so many others.

Korowaitia te puna waiora, hei oranga motuhake mō te Iwi!

Jacob Canterbury