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Mental Health and Addictions 

Te Oranganui Mental Health and Addictions Service provides a range of services from home-based care, support for youth and their families, a 24hr oncall support service, community support, rangatahi and adult counselling, intervention and prevention strategies, education awareness to whanau, referrals to external services and can provide support in the courts.

Our service views the whanau as being central to the well-being of Tangata Whaiora, which means that the whanau must be actively involved in Tangata Whaiora care and management.

We work  with whanau, preparing the way for reintegration of Tangata Whaiora back into the whanau and wider community. Once connection has been established, we maintain contact to monitor development and to provide support when and where needed. This is an essential component for fostering ongoing wellness.

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Mental Health & Addictions 
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